Cool Gifts for Men – Want to Make Your Man Happy?


Every woman wants her man to be happy. One way you can do that is by making him feel special. You can make your man feel special and let him know how much you love him and care for him by giving him gifts that speak for itself. Men could be difficult specie when it come s to reading their mind. What works with one may not work with another. Therefore, women have to very careful while choosing a gift for their men – a gift that they would really appreciate to have received. So, all those ladies looking for cool gifts for men have landed on the right page!

This write-up is an attempt to help you choose the perfect gift for your man. Just choose your ‘man type’ and read through the description – it will help you understand the kind of gifts that would make him happy. Best of luck to all the ladies out there!!!

Is he too much into fashion?

If your man is the fashionable type, then picking a gift could be either very easy or very difficult. Easy, since you know that gift could be found anywhere in a fashion store. And difficult because he would know about all sorts of latest fashion trends so you have to be very careful in picking the right trendy stuff for him. Following are some of the cool gifts for men, who love fashion and style:


  1. Sunglasses – pick a pair that may suit his face-shape and look trendy on him
  2. Wallet – a stylish wallet with your picture inside would be great
  3. Elegant cuff buttons – he would really appreciate receiving these as a gift, since he could wear them with dress shirts
  4. Wrist watch – this could be a perfect gift
  5. Perfume – get his favorite one!


Is he the bookworm type?

Books are a man’s best friend, and if your man is the bookworm type then he would love to have books as a gift on his birthdays or promotions. Make sure he does not already have those that you pick for him!

Does the word ‘chill’ describe him the best?

Is he the cool type? For a man like yours, there could be scores of cool gifts. Following are some cool gifts for men, who are the chill type:


  1. Picture frame with a picture of you and him
  2. Tea mugs with his name painted on it
  3. A gift basket containing his favorite things


So, he really loves food – the food-lover type?

A way to a man’s heart is a way to his stomach – you must have heard this old adage and if your man is the foody type then I am sure you know how true this saying is. Following are some of the cool gifts for men, who love food:


  1. A home-baked cake – preferably baked by you
  2. A surprise dinner at your place, with candles and flowers around


We hope that our write-up helps you find a perfect present for your man!

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