Low Sex Drive In Women And Loss Of Desire – What To Do If You Are Not In The Mood


Young women with low sex drive can often have complications when it comes to boosting libido naturally. What are the causes? Why do you have a low sex drive when you’re young? Rather than let you suffer in silence, let’s see what the causes and natural solutions for improving libido and maintaining a healthy sexual desire.

Causes of low sex drive in young women

To find the ultimate natural solution for boosting a young lady’s libido, you need to first think about what the causes might be. Very often, the absence of sexual desire is down to one or a combination of factors such as stress, tiredness, poor self-image, medication (birth control pills), unresolved problems, past traumas or upbringing.

Each cause for low sex drive in young women has a different solution and sometimes it can be best to combine various techniques in order to be sure of having your sex drive return with healthy gusto.

1. Stress and tiredness

Lack of sleep, difficult situations with work, studies or tension with people and family can cause stress that sometimes goes undetected in young ladies. Releasing this tension is very important and doing so can help to return sexual desire to healthy levels.

Exercising regularly is beneficial for general health levels and an ideal tension relieving activity. Making exercise routines fairly intense and lasting for around 45 minutes is far more beneficial than long, easy workouts.

Not only will following this kind of exercise program help you to burn fat from your body and feel more attractive, boosting sexual confidence, it’ll improve your circulation and boost endorphins too. Your libido will improve as a result.

Many women relax by doing Yoga routines from home which is easy, fast and keeps you in shape. The breathing during yoga is great for relaxing deeply and sleeping soundly. Others find that using a natural supplement such as HerSolution help their libido to wake up after a tiring few weeks at work or at home. Many marriages and relationships have been saved using natural supplements that improve female libido.

Combining hormone-boosting herbs with aphrodisiacs and even mood-enhancing melatonin helps women to enjoy sex and to find it pleasurable again.

2. Medication

Many many women, both young and old, find that their birth control pill has reduced their sexual desire and weakened their libido.
For some, it’s after using birth control for years that a Low sex drive (even in young women) can unexpectedly occur. Others have difficulties returning to sexual health even after stopping or changing their pill.

If you take the pill and find that you have a low sex drive and less interest in sex than previously, then try to either change your pill or stop taking it. You could have been taking the same pill for years only for the manufacturer to change the composition without you knowing about it. Your body may react negatively to this.

Birth control medication can leave females with low testosterone. Believe it or not, testosterone is needed in females too in order to have a balanced sex drive. You may need to boost your libido with herbs after stopping or changing the pill. This is where maca root can help.

As well as boosting sexual energy, maca can reduce stress and improve mental functions too. It’s an ideal natural plant for improving general health and especially libido.

3. Upbringing

Upbringing can be a sensitive topic as many parents intend to give the very best for their children and have good intentions. Strict and religious upbringings can have benefits and yet can result in problems too for some people later on in life.

Sometimes, as a young lady, a girl may feel guilty about having sexual thoughts and desires. Such desires can be suppressed and may cause mental blockages resulting in low sex drive when it comes to lovemaking.
Understanding that sexual desires are perfectly natural and biological is the first step.

Secondly, feeling in touch with your sexual desire is essential. Masturbation can help your libido a great deal. If you don’t masturbate regularly or at all, then doing so will help to connect your sexual nerve pathways. It’s perfectly normal to masturbate and nearly every female does so. It can be very good for the sexual imagination and for enjoying lovemaking. You may like to try to speed up your results using perfectly safe self-hypnosis to enjoy sex more.

4. Poor self-image

Many perfectly good-looking ladies with fine, lithe bodies that make other girls envious have image problems in the bedroom. This is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. It happens to many females at one time or another.

There are two ways to approach this.

The first one is to get regular, good exercise. If you make it your priority to get into shape, then there can be no excuse for having a poor self-image. Lose your fat with intense workouts and see how your body improves every week that goes by. Your partner will comment on your new, fit body and will want you more for it. Your confidence will come back rapidly as a result. If you care about sex, then get into shape. It’s really quite straightforward to do so.

The other technique of improving self-image is mental. You need to adopt a positive mindset about yourself. Relax on your own where you cannot be disturbed for 20 minutes every day (before sleeping is fine) and close your eyes.

Imagine yourself feeling as though you would feel with a perfect body, enjoying great sex very often. Activate the emotions that you would from having several orgasms from sex and at the same time, feel confident and happy about your body. Do this regularly, including while your masturbate and your self-confidence and image should improve.

Unresolved problems

It’s not always easy to know if you have unresolved problems between you or your partner. You may not even realize it yourself. But at least learning that this could be the cause of sexual problems can help you to look into yourself and find out if this is the real reason.

Unresolved issues in couples can lurk in the shadows, causing physical problems such as low sex drive before coming to the surface. Perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of unnecessary comments, lack of affection selfish behavior or even infidelity.

Many minor occurrences of negative events can be worse than one major negative event. People are less likely to deal with minor events as they happen. They then get stored away in the back of the mind and build up over time. They have to eventually manifest themselves in a negative way.

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